Propane: Energy For All Reasons

Propane gas is a by-product of natural gas and petroleum. It is used for many reasons and it offers an interesting alternative to natural gas and oil.

Propane is used to fuel engines and to heat homes. In the backyard, propane is a practical method for fueling barbecues, portable stoves and torches to light up your evenings.

In terms of safety, propane gas includes an odorant so that customers can easily detect the gas in case there is a leak. It is also a clean fuel and the inherent value in that cannot be underestimated.

The use of propane gas is growing rapidly for industrial purposes and residential use. It is also being used as a fuel source for small engines such as lawn care trimmers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers. Propane does not pollute the environment to the degree that other sources of energy do. With today’s growing concern about our carbon footprint, any fuel that emits less pollution is appreciated.

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