Estate Planning

Most people think that unless they are involved in an intense legal altercation or are arrested that they do not need the services of a lawyer. This isn’t the case. Everyone should at one point or another seek the services of an attorney for estate planning. You may not think you have enough money or property to think about drafting a will. Lots of people think that and at the time of their death details about the division of assets can cause bitter feuds between the living relatives.

Estate planning is not just about a will, but wills and the division of assets upon death are an important function. If you have had multiple partners and children from each partnership, then you should have a will to divide what you have left behind so that children from a former marriage do not get left out. You might want to leave out someone specifically, though, and if you do not have a will stating that, they have a right to exact a share from the estate.

Estate planning also involves appointing a beneficiary to carry out and uphold the letter of the will. This could also pertain to enacting the details of a living will. You could decide that, in the unfortunate circumstance of a serious illness or injury, you do not want to be on life support. That can be added into a living will agreement. You could put in your living will how you want your burial services too. You might want to be cremated. That is a detail that would be included in the living will and is a part of the estate planning process. More info: estate planning maryland

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