Increased risk of hazardous materials means higher levels of training

As society demands more in the way of technology, the risk of the release of hazardous materials increases. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Heath Administration) mandates training for public safety personnel who may be called upon to respond to a release of hazardous materials at four (4) levels. Awareness, Operational, Technician, Specialist, and Incident Commander. The Technician level responder is one who is charged with the responsibility to actively mitigate hazardous material incidents, or otherwise function within the “Hot Zone” as defined by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). They are further charged with the responsibility to choose the appropriate level of personal protective equipment to be utilized at any given incident.
Training of the HazMat Technician should involve the handling of multiple hazardous materials while wearing various levels of PPE (personal protection equipment). Furthermore, the Technician must be certified to the Awareness and Operational Levels as mandated by OSHA. More info: hazmat technician training

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