Planning A Memorial Garden

Death is part of life. Unfortunately, for those left behind, it is one of the hardest things imaginable. When someone you love dies, it is often helpful to set up a memorial garden in their honor.

Before planting a garden, you need to create a plan. Choose plants to represent your loved one. Plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds squirrels or other forms of wildlife are popular. Flowering or fruit-bearing trees are also good choices. Ready-made garden kits can be purchased online.

After deciding what to plant, the next decision is where to place the desired plants. Many pictures, depicting garden ideas are available in magazines, books and online. Plans are available for butterfly or hummingbird gardens from a variety of retailers.

Another factor, when planning a memorial garden, is seating. Having a place to sit and journal, meditate or just enjoy the memorial space is important. A beautiful garden bench is a great option. Decorative chairs make a nice alternative.

Many people also place a stepping stone, plaque or other memorial piece in the garden. Seeing the name of your loved one is often helpful. Kits to make a stepping stone can be purchased at any craft store. Instructions can also be found online. Professionally made stones are another option for those who do not mind spending money to get a nicer stone.

Once the garden is complete, it will serve as a great memorial for your loved one. It is a great comfort and a place to grieve. Having that space will help you heal from this tragedy. More info: Landscaping Murrieta

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