What Types Of Waist Chain Are There?

If you are interested in buying a waist chain, before you spend a fair amount of money on one, you may want to know what types of waist chain there actually are. In fact, there are a number of different types, depending on why you want to wear one and the style you prefer.

The basic waist chain, or belly chain, is nothing more than a simple one strand of chain that drapes around the waist. Most of these are usually made of silver, platinum or gold. Some have a length of chain that dangles from the main chain, while others fasten around the waist with no extra piece of chain hanging down. For something a little more extravagant, you can buy a belly chain long enough to create three or four strands of chain, meaning it would drape around your waist three or four times.

Some waist chains are worn by people who have their navels pierced. The chain is attached to the piercing, and the piercing itself is often quite extravagant, with semi-precious and precious stones being used in the navel piercing.

Surgical steel is also often used for waist chains, as it’s a stronger metal so less likely to break. These are usually cheaper than silver or gold chains.

Waist chains have been popular with belly dancers for generations, but they have recently become very popular with teenagers and women in their 20s. They are often worn with tight jeans and a short crop . This style of dress shows off the wearer’s flat stomach and the pretty chain draped around it. More info: Waist Chain

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