Yoga In London

Yoga is one of the schools in Hindu philosophy. It involves meditation to attain spirituality and tranquility. The ancient practice originated in India. Now Yoga is quite popular in London, England. There is an excellent studio conveniently located right in the city. It opened seven years ago. The classes are physically and intellectually stimulating, and the teachers are outstanding!

Types of classes- The studio offers the following types of classes: open, basic, meditation, spiritual warrior, prenatal and kids. Vinyasa, hands-on adjustments, pranayama, Sanskrit chanting and Yogic philosophical teachings are all included in the classes. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and open to all levels. The centre hosts exciting lectures, workshops and concerts as well. Guests can participate in Yoga Immersion. It is taught by an Advanced Certified instructor. This class is particularly appealing to those who are interested in becoming fully enlightened during this lifetime.

Teachers- All ten of the teachers are professional, experienced and personable. They have completed the required certification training that is considered to be the gold standard. The 300 hour training program is extremely rigorous. They are a diverse group with some from the United States and others from countries in Europe and Asia. All of the instructors are committed, informed and competent as a result of proper training.

London Yoga is one of the best studios in the city. The experts can teach you about meditation, deep relaxation, breathing exercises and enlightenment. The classes and special events are inspiring. The dedicated teachers will welcome you with open arms.

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